Welcome to Notorious Enterprises! I am a photographer, voice-over actor, celebrity guest relations manager, and a million more things. Explore below…





Good afternoon everyone! I have been swamped with photo shoots, school work, and basic everyday life problems, but I am happy to say I am back updating my website! Unfortunately due to a corruption issue, I had to delete all my previously uploaded work and re-upload all of the photos…with some new ones thrown in …

Winter Shoot

Good evening everyone, I hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday. I was out having a wonderful shoot with a local model/photographer named Madelynne. She is incredibly beautiful and an absolute joy to work with. If you ever get the opportunity to shoot or model for her, I highly recommend it. The first round of edits are …


Welcome to my website. My name is Ken Irons and most of my life I have been described as a “Jack of all trades.” My passions overflow into dedicated workloads that have evolved into the many different career opportunities and services I now provide. Let’s start with the most relevant, photography. I have been working with cameras for just short of 2 decades and have been professionally shooting for the past several years. My primary focus is portraiture, but I dabble in landscape, scenery, concerts, and events. I have shot everything from comic conventions to weddings, senior high school photos to boudoir and artistic nude. My belief is that everyone has the right to feel beautiful, sexy, handsome, etc, and no forms of social prejudice or pressure should prevent you from expressing yourself and discovering “what other’s see.”

Next would be Celebrity Guest Relations and Security. I have been working in that field for the last decade and love building a rapport with the clients and making sure they are not only safe, but having a good time. I have worked at several cons across the country and handled clients from high list actors to brand new artists. Clients I have worked with are: Jason Mamoa, John Barrowman, Stan Lee, Ben McKenzie, Manu Bennett, Stephen Amell, Robbie Amell, Italia Ricci, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, and more. I have also organized teams that handle guest relations and worked in the management process of scheduling, transportation, and finances.

And lastly, Hosting, Voice Over, and Video Game Casting. I have been the host of several events and conventions in the Northeast for the past 8 years. I have hosted Anime conventions and masquerades, assorted contests, and events. My stage presence comes from being a stage actor for many years, as well as studying acting throughout high school. I have been casting both competitive and recorded video games for the last 5 years on both live and streaming platforms. I have hosted and casted officially sponsored events for League of Legends and currently am writing and casting on the YouTube channel Protatomonster as the voice of the Top 5 Plays/Fails of Overwatch and Top 10 Plays of PUBG. I have also done character voice over work for several YouTubers.

If you are in need of any, or several, of these services, feel free to shoot me an email below. Thank you for taking the time to read, to look at my website, and support me. It means the world to me.